Orphic Labs


  • speech enhancement
  • beamforming
  • echo cancellation
  • sound pattern recognition
  • DSP
  • biometrics


  • rapid prototyping
  • new product design
  • machine learning


  • research
  • algorithm development
  • new product design
  • team guidance & mentorship

I’m available for short-term consultation about your audio signal processing needs. 


I especially like working with small teams and start-ups that need audio expertise. While your team is busy putting out fires, I can help with research, advice, and clear explanations.


I’m an Audio DSP/Algorithm Engineer who has worked with some of the foremost experts in the field on a wide range of audio-related projects. I have a track record of creating intellectual property, designing award-winning products, and helping start-ups obtain funding and get acquired.


When time-to-market is crucial, I like to

  • Ask unasked questions
  • Check unspoken assumptions
  • Identify root problems
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel

Most of my consulting work is part-time for a few weeks or months. If I can point you in the right direction during the initial free call, that’s great! And if I can’t, I may know someone who can. 


Let me know how I can help. Email me at earl@orphiclabs.com.





Algorithm Designer, Audio Effects Engineer, Composer, Fiction Writer, Firmware Engineer, Hardware Designer, Machine Learning Engineer, Mentor, Nature Sound Recorder, Patent Writer, Product Designer, Rapid Prototyping, Software Writer, Songwriter, Sound Designer, Sound Editor, Tech Author, Speech Engineer, Video Game Designer/Programmer





Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), algorithm development, audio effects, audio games, accelerometers, ASR, beamforming, biofeedback, biometrics, deep learning, digital audio, digital signal processing, dynamic range compression, electrical engineering, experience sampling, games, guitar effects, machine learning, medical devices, neural networks, noise reduction, product development, quantified self, reverb, signal processing, smart speakers, speech enhancement, team coaching, toys, UX, voice synthesis.